Fixing Brain Waste: What Two New Studies Tell Us - Hosted by Imprint/WES

Location: Salon F

As communities across the U.S. are competing to attract, retain and leverage immigrant talent to bolster local economic development, savvy business leaders and government officials are taking active measures to tap into the pool of skilled immigrants already living in their communities. It’s not news that many highly-skilled immigrants in the U.S. wind up unemployed or working in low-wage jobs. Two exciting new studies are shedding light on the dimensions of this challenge — and solutions for fixing it. This session will begin with a preview of forthcoming research from the Migration Policy Institute that, for the first time, authoritatively measures the economic cost of “Brain Waste” in the U.S. Next, the authors of WES and IMPRINT’s groundbreaking Steps to Success study will share the results of this comprehensive survey of more than 4,000 college-educated immigrants from six cities, revealing the key factors that help immigrant professionals to succeed and the barriers that can hold them back. Finally, an expert panel of practitioners will discuss how they are pursuing innovative, intentional policies and programs to leverage the talent of immigrant professionals in their communities.