NIIC 2015 in New York City!

The National Immigrant Integration Conference 2015, “New American Dreams: Advancing Opportunity, Equality & Justice,” will be held in Brooklyn, New York from December 13-15, 2015, and co-hosted by the National Partnership for New Americans and the New York Immigration Coalition.

Stay tuned for information about registration, programming, and other exciting events! In the meantime, find out about key speakers and programming at last year’s NIIC 2014 in Los Angeles!

NIIC 2015 Registration

Complete registration information for NIIC 2015 will be available soon!

Registration fees do not include hotel accommodation but there are discounted rates at the venue – New York Marriott at Brooklyn Bridge – available for NIIC registrations. Stay tuned for details. We look forward to you joining us in December!

Sponsor NIIC 2015

NIIC 2015 will bring together the policy, business, nonprofit, labor, academic, faith, community and philanthropic sectors to build immigrant integration solutions together.

Sponsorship engagement begins at $10,000 and is a unique opportunity to play a leading role at NIIC 2015. Click here for more information about our current Sponsors and how to participate.

Stay tuned for information about NIIC 2015, “New American Dreams: Advancing Opportunity, Equality & Justice,” in New York City!

Join us at NIIC 2015 - the largest gathering of immigrant integration leaders, strategizing for change.

  • Stay tuned for information about registering for NIIC 2015!
  • Network and strategize with leaders and peer practitioners at the highest levels
  • Strategize about improving the road to full citizenship
  • Learn and promote the establishment of a National Office on Immigrant Integration
  • NIIC 2015 is the signature event of the National Partnership for New Americans - find out more about NPNA!

NIIC 2015 Hosts

The National Immigrant Integration Conference 2015 is co-hosted by the National Partnership for New Americans and the New York Immigration Coalition. Feel free to find out more about our advocacy and vision and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

NIIC 2015 Executive Committee

Joining the Co-Hosts on the NIIC 2015 Executive Committee are key partners Make the Road New York, which builds the power of Latino communities to achieve dignity and justice, as well as the Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition, the largest organization in New England promoting the rights and integration of immigrants and refugees.

About #NIIC

Stay tuned for more about NIIC 2015, “New American Dreams: Advancing Opportunity, Equality & Justice,” to be held in Brooklyn, New York from December 13-15, 2015.

Previous conferences have been exciting events that brought together policymakers, practitioners, refugee resettlement professionals, faith leaders, elected officials and government employees, funders, organizers, researchers, business representatives, and other stakeholders from across the country to think and learn together.

The conference has been structured to provide a space for people at all different levels of experience to hear from experts in the field of immigrant integration, share best practices and promising developments, and put forward their best thinking around key topic areas and challenges. The conference has also been laying emphasis on bitcoin trading that has been the digital revolution of the era. Experts comprising investors and traders are active in helping beginners and interested ones to trade efficiently. They have also been encouraging the use of the bitcoin buyer robot that has been widely used by several traders for intelligent strategies.

Participants told us they come away inspired by great work happening all over the country and were ready to tackle the challenges of building a stronger democracy as we launched a new decade for immigrant integration.


twitterbirdNIICUse hashtag #NIIC when posting about NIIC and follow @npnewamericans for more about immigrant integration. Be sure to look for pre-conference activities and engagements! We want your voice to be heard!


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NIIC 2015 Sponsors

Thanks to our generous early sponsors! This list is in formation. To sponsor NIIC 2015, click here for more information.


What others say about NIIC

Julia Preston

They pushed strollers, tugged toddlers and streamed into the convention center in the heart of this city on Sunday, thousands of immigrants here illegally and anxious to find out if they could gain protection from deportation under executive actions by President Obama

The crowd, waiting in a long snaking line to check in, was drawn by an information session organized by advocacy groups offering people initial assessments to see if they meet the requirements to apply to stay in the country and work.

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Jaime Garcia

Univision Nacional, Jorge Ramos introdujo esta historia en la Conferencia Nacional de Integración de los Inmigrantes 2014, con el director de USCIS León Rodríguez, Asociación Nacional de Nuevos Americanos director Joshua Hoyt y Anjelica Salas, directora de la Coalición por los Derechos Humanos de los Inmigrantes de Los Ángeles.

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