The National Immigrant Integration Conference (NIIC) 2015 — New American Dreams: Advancing Opportunity, Equality & Justice — was co-hosted by the National Partnership for New Americans and the New York Immigration Coalition in Brooklyn, New York from December 13-15, 2015.

Below are some highlights of the extensive media coverage NIIC 2015 received from local, state, national, and international media.

Carolina Kroon for NIIC 2015

Matthew Hamilton, Senator to Cuomo: Offer IDs for undocumented immigrants, Times Union, Feb. 10, 2016

Diana Gordon, Guest Spot: Immigrants should be embraced, not excluded, The Suffolk Times, Jan. 11, 2016

Dara Lind, What immigration activists want from Hillary Clinton, Vox, Dec. 18

Emily Ngo, Bernie Sanders says he’ll issue orders protecting immigrants, Newsday, Dec. 15

Christopher Mathias, Bernie Sanders Says Trump’s Immigration Remarks Are ‘Xenophobia’ And ‘Racist,’ The Huffington Post, Dec. 15

Chris Fuchs, At Immigration Conference, Asian Americans Discuss Language Access, DACA Enrollment, NBC News, Dec. 15

President Obama welcomes new citizens: ‘Immigrants renew America,’ Fox News Latino, Dec. 15

Emily Ngo,  Hillary Clinton spells out immigration plans in Brooklyn speech, Newsday, Dec. 15

Cassandra Basler, Clinton Wants To Close Private Immigration Detention Centers, WSHU Public Radio Group, Dec. 15

Carolina Kroon for NIIC 2015

Elise Foley, Hillary Clinton’s Latino Outreach Director Finally Becomes A U.S. Citizen, The Huffington Post, Dec. 15

Selena Hill, Clinton Campaign Outreach Director Lorella Praeli Becomes Naturalized Citizen, Latin Post, Dec. 15

Lisa L. Colangelo and Leonard Greene, Hillary Clinton promises to battle ‘anti-immigrant sentiment’ in Brooklyn speech, New York Daily News, Dec. 15

Dana Sauchelli, Hillary seeks end of family detention for undocumented immigrants, New York Post, Dec. 15

Maxwell Tani, Hillary Clinton is linking Donald Trump to Marco Rubio, Business Insider (Australia), Dec. 15

Michael Oleaga, Immigration News Today: Martin O’Malley Meets With Hunger Strikers, Immigrant Detainee Family, Latin Post, Dec. 15

Stephen Yang for NIIC 2015

Esther Yu-Hsi Lee, Martin O’Malley Just Met With Hunger Strikers To Prove A Point About Immigrant Detention, ThinkProgress, Dec. 15

Roque Planas, Martin O’Malley Meets With Hunger Strikers Ahead Of Immigration Speech, HuffPost Politics, Dec. 15

Kimberly Railey, O’Malley Says He Has the Most Liberal Record on Immigration, National Journal, Dec. 15

Zeeshan Aleem, The Governor of New York Just Took a Bold Stand in Defense of Muslim Refugees, Policy.Mic, Dec.15

Dana Rubinstein, Cuomo targets nativists, recalls his immigrant roots, Politico New York, Dec. 14

Stephen Yang for NIIC 2015

Cuomo denounces anti-immigration sentiment, WNYT News Channel 13, Dec. 14

Matthew Hamilton, New Yorkers fear attack, poll finds (Gov. Cuomo), Times Union, Dec. 14

Luciana Lopez, U.S. presidential hopeful Clinton calls for easier naturalization, The Fiscal Times, Dec. 14

NY governor denounces anti-immigration sentiment, Associated Press, Dec. 14

Will Bredderman, ‘This Is Not Your Land’: Andrew Cuomo Rips Donald Trump at Immigration Rally, Observer News, Dec. 14

Laura Meckler, Hillary Clinton Meets With an Undocumented Immigrant and His Family, Wall Street Journal, Dec. 14

Pilar Marrero, Al anunciar su apoyo a Clinton, recuerdan a congresista Gutierrez que antes fue crítico de la candidata, El Diario, 14 Diciembre

Monica Alba and Alex Seitz-Wald, Hillary Clinton Picks Up Another Key Endorsement from Latino Lawmaker, NBC News, Dec. 14

Juan Pablo Garnham, Hillary: reforma migratoria es un tema familiar, no económico ni político, El Diario, 14 Diciembre

Lauren Gambino, Hillary Clinton promises ‘path to full and equal citizenship’ in Latino address, The Guardian, Dec. 14

Stephen Yang for NIIC 2015

Roque Planas, Elise Foley, Hillary Clinton Wants To Make More Immigrants American, The Huffington Post, Dec. 14

Will Bredderman, Hillary Clinton Rips Marco Rubio and Donald Trump in Immigration Speech, Observer News, Dec. 14

Roque Planas, Gov. Cuomo Says Muslim Immigrants Are Welcome In New York, The Huffington Post, Dec. 14

Liz Robbins, New York City to Aid Immigrants Amid Stalled National Reforms, New York Times, Dec. 14

NYC mayor unveils assistance program for new immigrants, Associated Press, Dec. 14

Stephen Yang for NIIC 2015

Ginny Kosola, De Blasio Unveils Assistance Program For New Immigrants, CBS New York, Dec. 14

Jessica Mendoza, Why Bill de Blasio wants to spend $8 million on immigrant New Yorkers, Christian Science Monitor, Dec. 14

Mayor announces $7.9M city immigration program, Brooklyn News12, Dec. 14

Clinton Speaks at National Immigrant Integration Conference, New York Times, Dec. 13

Clinton, Sanders, O’Malley, de Blasio To Address Immigrant Conference, Black Star News, Dec. 13

Steven Choi, Embracing Inclusion, Defeating Hate: The National Immigrant Integration Conference Ignites Conversations around Integration, Huffington Post, Dec. 13

Carolina Kroon for NIIC 2015

Carolina Kroon for NIIC 2015

Clinton in Brooklyn to Address Conference, Kings County Politics, Dec. 11

Javier Valdés, Forjando juntos el camino para los inmigrantes, El Diario, 20 Septiembre 2015

Javier Valdés, Charting the Path for Immigrant Advocacy, Together, Gotham Gazette, September 21, 2015