Conference Details


Program and content for the conference is being developed by the Advisory Board, Workgroups and the Conference Team staff

We will strive for programming and structure that:

  •          Engages all the experts in the room
  •          Provides information for all levels
  •          Gives the opportunity to go deep on subject areas
  •          Introduces new subject areas to this annual conference
  •          Promotes the role of organizing within immigrant  integration, in addition to policy and programs
  •          Creates space and time for networking
  •          Engages a broad base of participants from across the country and within the  Mid-Atlantic region.

We will be offering a range of content and formats.

Cross-Conference Focal Areas:  

Each focal area will include workshops across different tracks and will be emphasized throughout the conference.

(F) Faith & Immigrants

(Y) Youth Immigrant Involvement

(C) Corporate America Responding

(G) Local, State, and National Government Involvement

(H) Healthy Communities (Health and Well Being & Rights, Safety, and Enforcement)


Will give participants the opportunity to go deep on subject areas, build relationships, pose and think through questions and challenges, learn from experts, and contribute their own knowledge. Participants may choose to focus on a single track, or attend different sessions from multiple tracks, if they prefer.

NIIC will include the following tracks:

Educating Immigrants

This track includes a focus on best practices in engaging adult learners, and increasing post- secondary education access.

Economic Success

This track includes a focus on-adult workforce, and economic development.

African-American and Immigrant Communities

This track includes a focus on creating intercultural dialogue and minority coalition building.

Active Citizenship

This track focuses on civic engagement, naturalization, and community mobilization.

Engaging Receiving Communities

This track focuses on opportunities for advanced receiving communities discussions and new activist training.

We are America

This track focuses on the political, social, and cultural aspects of changing US demographics.

Refugees and Asylees

This track focuses on integration opportunities for refugees and asylees.