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President Obama Welcomes NIIC 2012

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the attendees of NIIC 2012.

2012 Program Booklet

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2012 Hosts

 CASA de Maryland is the state’s foremost Latino and immigrant organization and a national leader in supporting immigrant families and ensuring that all individuals have the core supports necessary for full participation in society. Read more.


 The National Partnership for New Americans (the Partnership) advances the integration and active citizenship of immigrants to achieve a vibrant, just and welcoming democracy for all. Read more.


NIIC press release

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Connect with NIIC 2012

Participate in a new kind of networking at this conference!

We can benefit from more opportunities to connect with, learn from, and share ideas with people who are doing work in similar fields within immigrant integration

You can still network informally, but we are also offering structured activities and small roundtable conversations to intentionally connect you with others working on similar issues. These sessions will help you share and learn about concrete tools and ideas that mutually benefit organizations.

The intentional networking will take place during all three Breakfast sessions, all three of the 10-10:30 networking time slots, and between 8 - 9:30pm on Sunday night. Intentional networking activities will include:

  1. Small table conversations according to topic areas that focus on concrete tools and resources (curriculum, workshops, trainings, etc) that may be shared to mutually benefit organizations.
  2. Small table conversations focused on solution exploration to major challenges in your field.
  3. One-on-one conversations focused on sharing specific programs’ successes and challenges.
  4. Small table conversations to connect people in similar regions to enhance partnerships.

Some of the networking activities will designate moderators to ensure equal participation opportunities for all participants and to keep conversations focused.

You will have the opportunity to choose from a list of topics or you can propose your own discussion topics, so be thinking about topics you would like to discuss. Topics include:

  • ESL/ELL classes
  • Financial literacy education
  • Computer literacy classes
  • Receiving communities
  • Engaging volunteers in your program
  • Citizenship classes
  • Cultural orientations
  • The DREAM movement
  • Collaborating with local government
  • Intersections of African American and immigrant communities
  • Faith-based communities
  • Working positively with the media
  • Events that integrate communities
  • How to tell the stories
  • Social media and advocacy
  • New incoming refugee groups
  • Immigrant entrepreneurship

We look forward to having you participate in these sessions and meeting new people. Thanks!

Lee Shainis

Networking Facilitator, NIIC 2012

Executive Director, Intercambio Uniting Communities/Resources to Unite Communities

[email protected]


Participate in a Caucus at this conference!

Academics Exploring Integration Research

  • Sunday, Sept. 23, 5:15-6:30pm, Key 9 or 12

Faculty and research center staff are encouraged to come and meet each other. Discover what translational research is underway and explore the issues of research and practice integration as well as discuss how immigrant integration relates to on-going work in cultural competency and race. What resource tools are we missing and how might researchers participate in the development of the field?  

Business: A Partner in Immigrant Integration

  • Sunday, Sept. 23, 8-9:30pm, Key 8

How can community groups better collaborate with the business community and vice versa? This discussion will bring together business leaders and community organizations to provide expert insight on the role of the private sector in facilitating integration and how to design and implement partnerships with community groups.

This is a critical topic since the business community plays an important—though sometimes overlooked—role in facilitating integration. From the service industry to manufacturing and financial services, immigrant employees are a fundamental part of the labor force and immigrant consumers are a critical component of the customer base. Many businesses show their commitment to immigrants by offering ESL courses, facilitating civic participation, and providing technical training, among other things, to their employees. The private sector also provides employees and immigrant consumers with better access to financial services. In many instances, businesses collaborate with local or national community groups but more robust partnerships are still needed. Join us to share your experience and exchange ideas.

Latino/a Caucus

  • Sunday, Sept. 23, 7:30-8:30pm, Key 12

Other Caucus Space Available!

  • Sunday, Sept. 23, 8-9:30pm, Key 9-12

Throughout the day on Sunday, conference attendees can indicate topics they are interested in further discussing at the stations available in the plenary room. NIIC organizers will assign caucus rooms and times based on which themes receive the most requests. Caucus themes and rooms will be announced at the afternoon plenaries on Sunday.